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Naturomulch, LLC - DBA: Super Synthetic Turf is women owned minority business. We are Playground and Landscape specialist in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area. For our other services please visit our other websites by following these links:

Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass is new generation product. If your answer is "Yes" to any of the following questions that means you might want to think about Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass as a solution to your problem.

These Questions Are for Lawn and Landscape Residential or Commercial

1. Is there water restriction going on in your City?
2. Is your grass is dying due to insufficient water?
3. Is your water bill too high?
4. Is your grass is dying due to insufficient sunlight?
5. Is it too muddy around your Pool area?
6. Do you face weed growth problems?
7. Are you tired of lawn maintenance, cost of fertilizers, and herbicides all year around?
8. Do you have extra space in your yard which you want to utilize?

If your answer is "Yes", you definitely need to think about investing in Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass. The benefits are as follows:

1. No watering at all. You save over 50% in your water bill.
2. No mowing required. You know how much it costs for lawn mowing year around.
3. No Chemicals. No seeding. Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass stays evergreen for years without much maintenance. Your landscape looks beautiful all year     around.
4. No weed growth problems.
5. Do not have to worry about muddy areas around the pool.
6. You can enjoy sitting in your lawn or pool deck. Enjoy parties in your lawn or pool deck.
7. If you want to utilize the extra space in your yard, the best solution is to install "Putting Green" in your backyard. You may decide to install different kind     of sport area like Basket Ball, Tennis, and/or Badminton court.
8. Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass comes with 10 year warranty that means you do not have to worry for upcoming 10 years. Huge savings over the period of     time.
9. Appreciates the value of your property.

Do you have Pets?

1. Are you tired of digging into your lawns by your Dogs?
2. Are you upset because of Dogs killing the grass?
3. Are you tired of cleaning muddy paws and dirty pets?

If you have pets and you are facing these problems; your solution is Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass. We have special kinds of Pet Turf/Grass. This will benefit you as follows:

1. Most dogs quit digging.
2. No more Dogs killing the grass.
3. No more muddy paws and dirty pets.

Playgrounds – Commercial or Residential

1. Are you tired of replacing mulch every year?
2. Are you tired of weeds growing into your playground?
3. Are you tired of mold/fungus infestations in your playground?
4. Are you tired of any mulch products compacting and decomposing?
5. Are you tired of high maintenance cost?
6. Do you want to make your playground ADA Accessible?
7. Are you tired of drainage problem?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of the questions stated above; you might want to think about investing in Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass specially manufactured for playgrounds. You will be benefitted as follows:

1. One time investment will last more than 10 years.
2. Minimal maintenance required.
3. Rapid Drainage.
4. Professional appearance.
5. Long term durability.
6. No weed growth.
7. No mold/fungus growth.
8. No more compaction, replacing of mulch.
9. Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass is ADA Accessible.
10. Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass is IPEMA Certified and meets all ASTM Standards set for playground surfacing such as:
a) ASTM 1292 safety rating up to 12 feet
b) ASTM 1951 ADA compliance

Please feel free to give us a call at 214-227-2212 for more detailed information. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have to your satisfaction. We are looking forward to be at your service.