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Synthetic or Artificial Turf/Grass FAQ

1. Is synthetic turf pet friendly?
    Yes, it is pet friendly. Synthetic turf is extremely popular for animal hospitals, kennels, and home owners with pets. Animal urine does not damage or stain     synthetic turf. What is most attractive is that even with pets a green lawn is possible.

2. How do you clean up after pets?
    You just scoop up the solid waste and liquid drains thru the backing. You can give it an occasional rinse when needed. No special cleaners are required.

3. Does it drain well?
    Yes. The backing is perforated and will drain as natural grass typically would. If drains would be needed with natural grass, synthetic grass should be treated     the same.

4. Does synthetic turf get hot?
    The turf can get hot in temperatures above 90 degrees in direct sunlight.

5. Is synthetic turf good for playgrounds?
    Yes, it is very good for playgrounds and long lasting. Please see details on our Playground page of this website.

6. Are there any harmful chemicals in synthetic turf?
    There are fears that the chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic grass can be harmful to the health. Although manufacturers say that they meet health     and safety standards, the debate remains inconclusive.

7. How can we install synthetic turf?
    It requires professional installation. Please read the details on our installation guide posted on this website.

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